Smokey is a 15 year old black, registered quarter horse. He came from the Ocala area from a well known rodeo family. Smokey is our “been there, done that” horse as his former occupation was in the steer wrestling event at rodeos. Due to an injury in the regional finals around 10 years old, he was retired and used only for trail riding.  In his day, he was hauled all over the country to various rodeos. It never fails, if we take him around a lot of horse people, someone will come up to us and say “I know that horse” and proceed to tell us where they know him from. He has settled into his life as a beach horse in the last few years and although not as exciting as his former life, he is thankful it is an easy job with a lot of perks. Smokey is the other “bottomless pit” in the bunch and is always looking for a snack – as if he needs one! His side job is being Hayley’s dream horse and he gets to cart her around to roping events as her sideline baby!