Gulf County requires that these rides be WALK only. There is a fine of $500 for anyone found galloping horses on the beach. We take this rule very seriously and even if Gulf County did not have this rule, Broke A Toe would not allow any pace other than a walk due to safety. We try to make the ride as safe as possible for every age and level rider.

The State of Florida requires that all kids age 15 and under wear a helmet while riding on the state right of way/beach. This is the state’s rule and we cannot waive it nor can a parent. When you tell us the child’s age, if they are 15 or under, they will be required to wear helmets. We do provide helmets for anyone wishing to wear one although it is not required for anyone other than kids.

Group Size

All groups – per Gulf County – must be 6 horses or less. If you have a group of 7 or more riders, we will work to get you all out in the same ride session. You will be split into 2 groups depending on total number. For example, if you have 8 riders, you would split into groups of 5/3, 4/4, or 6/2. We try to make it as fun and easy for big groups as we can but it requires as much advance notice as you can give us to ensure that you all go out in same ride session – morning/evening.

Remember, when booking, a credit card is given to hold the entire ride. We normally run that card on the morning of the ride for the total amount, with riders reimbursing card holder. If you have more than 6 riders, you will be charged half of the total amount at the time of booking and the remainder on the day of the ride.

Cancellation policy is 48 hours. If group cancels under 48 hours, Credit Card holding reservation will be run for entire amount.

Weight limit

Our normal weight limit is 220 lbs. We also have a limit of no more than 1 rider over 200 lbs in a group of 6. This rule is to ensure your safety and the health and safety of our faithful horses. PLEASE do not neglect to tell us or think that we will not turn you away, our utmost concern is for the health and well-being of our horses and our riders. If you are over weight limit and want to be included, you can always let kids ride and you may walk along with them. The ride is at nice, leisurely pace.

Riding double

We do allow children ages 3,4 to ride with an adult or older sibling as long as they fit in the saddle. It doesn’t matter how “little” they are; it is the size of the adult that determines how well they fit. A good rule of thumb is the adult needs to be under 140 lbs in order for both bottoms to fit in the saddle which is 16-17 inches front to back. We will not allow riders to ride “behind” the saddle.

Double Riders will be charged $75.00 and due to limited number of “buddy” horses, only one-two double riders per time slot.

Children under the age of two will not be permitted to ride.

We do not offer sunset rides for double riders. We recommend that families with double riders go in the morning when the beach is less crowded.