How early should I be for our ride?

Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before a scheduled ride. We use the time in between rides to water, feed, adjust equipment, etc. so there is no need to be 30 minutes early as we will be taking care of the horses.

What should we wear?

We always advise to wear whatever is comfortable. We prefer close toed shoes but realize sometimes that’s not possible.  Make sure that all hats have chin strap or are snug on head, as it is sometimes windy.

What should we bring with us?

You don’t actually NEED anything on the ride. If you would like to bring phone or camera for pictures that is fine. We do offer horn bags -1 per group -for small items (phone, water). You will NOT be allowed to have a back pack or heavy camera bag. These items usually cause you to ride unbalanced which makes it harder for the horses to do their job. If you have a medical reason for carrying something, please ask before ride.

Are the bugs bad on the beach? What about sunscreen?

The bugs are out at various times of the year. If you need to spray, feel free to spray before ride. We normally ride in the late afternoon or early morning. If you feel you need sunscreen, please apply before riding. No need to take bug spray or sunscreen with you on ride.

How do the horses handle the heat?

During the hot months of the year (May-September) we typically ride early morning-before 9:30AM and late afternoon – after 4:00PM. Most of the time, there is a nice breeze during those times of day. The ride is very relaxing and the horses are not pushed to go any faster than their normal walking pace. They have a 30-45 minute scheduled break in between each ride in order to drink and snack and rest.

Can we bring treats?

We would love for everyone to be able to give treats but it is impossible to treat them and horses not get “nippy”. If you are the last ride of the day during the summer – sunset ride- we will allow treats. The only treats allowed are carrots and apples and must be cut up into bite size pieces. During slower months, you are welcome to ask when making reservation if it would be possible.

If it is supposed to rain, do you cancel ride? Do we still have to pay?

It predicted to rain nearly every week during summer so we do not schedule around the rain. We schedule rides every day and “work” with the weather, lol. We rarely have to cancel a whole afternoon of rides, most of the time we can shift our ride times by 30 minutes or so to accommodate the occasional shower. We DO NOT ride in the pouring rain or with thunder and lightning. Light showers, no problem!

If your ride is officially cancelled by Broke A Toe, you are in no way responsible to pay for it and we try our hardest to get you rescheduled.

Can I ride if I have no riding experience?

Yes, most of our riders have either never ridden or only ride on vacation. We pick horses that are gentle, confident and consistent in their job.

Can we run or gallop the horses?

Gulf County has a rule requiring walk only rides on horseback. We must share our beaches and be respectful of other non-horse people on the beach who may not appreciate but only tolerate our presence on beach. We would have this rule regardless of the county due to it being the safest way to take the variety of age/skill levels that we see on every ride. If you are an “experienced rider” please be aware of this and take this ride for what it is – a peaceful, beautiful ride along the water’s edge. Broaden your horizon and experience nature at a slower pace, we are sure you will love it if you love horses and nature.

Is it customary to tip the guides?

The guides and helpers at the trailer are very hard at work and always at your service. Their behind the scenes work and trail guidance help to ensure that your ride is safe and fun for the whole family. Please feel free to reward them for their good job, they certainly will appreciate it, as most of them are currently in college.

Do we get to pick our own horses?

You may request a certain horse but it is not guaranteed that you will get that horse. Some horses have weight restrictions, so we pick the best rider/horse combination based on size, rider ability and horse’s capabilities. Please be assured that you will have a wonderful ride no matter which horse you ride.

Why is it called “Broke-A-Toe” anyway?

Dr. Tom Brocato, a local physician, saw the opportunity to meet the needs of a growing tourism market in the Cape San Blas area. He named his company Broke A Toe Outfitters, which was a “play” on his last name. At the time, he had several business’ under the outfitters name including kayaking and horseback riding.

How long has Broke-A-Toe been in business?

BAT is the longest operating, horseback riding on the beach business in the Florida panhandle. It’s still going strong after 20 years! Since 1995 we have seen many generations of the same families move through the ranks of horses as the kids get older.

Where else can I ride a horse on the beach?

Florida has only three beaches in which to ride horses and Cape San Blas is the only one in northwest Florida.