Bailey is a 23 year old line back Dun mare.  We acquired her in 2013 from a family that used her for trail riding north of Panama City. She immediately took to her job as a beach horse and can be seen taking kids, adults and doubles. Her favorite buddy is Grace and as long as she has her own “water bucket” aka security blanket at the trailer, she is A-Ok. She is our resident “tough as nails” horse as she can take a lick and keep on ticking. One morning she came up from the pasture with a very large snake bite to the neck and couldn’t understand why she was not going to be allowed to go to work that day! She never showed signs of pain, swelling or discomfort. We were definitely scratching our heads. One day on the beach, she broke out in hives all over and could not understand why she had to sit out the next ride and stay home the next few days. Hives were gone within 24 hours and she never acted like it bothered her. Like I said, tough as nails!